Comedians Wearing Purple

Welcome to the blog where we can enjoy the beauty of many, many comedians wearing purple. Because purple is the sexiest color there is, and people who wear it are sexy!


Andy Zaltzman


This is Andy Zaltzman of The Bugle podcast. I hope this is purple enough, cause he is the best.

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Permalink Tim Minchin performing in purple tie at the Face Britain Gala Dinner and Auction at Christies
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Permalink Miles Jupp, wearing a classic sexy purple shirt.
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Permalink Stephen Fry in the unaired episode ‘Idleness’.
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Permalink Andy Parsons in purple for Sport Relief 2012.
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Sue Perkins wearing purple with a purple background on Just a Minute!

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Permalink Greg Davies wearing purple on Ask Rhod Gilbert, S01E05~Submitted by durmik